Shop Black Peppercorn from our Farm:  Organically cultivated, harvested and directly to your kitchen  without any intermediate . One of the significant way to get the farm fresh and new stock of Black Peppercorn is to shop from us.
Nursery till packing we  follow organic and simple process / traditional method.
How the black Pepper berries harvested in our farm?
 When the pepper berries turn from green to light red or completely matured to dark green in color. We pluck the spikes from the pepper plant one at a time carefully to avoid plucking un-matured berries. So multiple harvesting will be carried out in a year.
How the berries are separated from the spike?
The black pepper berries are separated from its spikes by spreading the pepper spikes on a large level surface and by traditional leg stamping method, stamping them manually with bare feet carefully until the pepper berries are separated from the spikes. Then the green pepper berries are washed with cold water and then sun-dried up to 4 to 5 consecutive days. We are not following any modern method to retain the black color.
Manual sorting and winnowing of Black Peppercorn.
After sun-dried, manual sorting winnowing method is done to remove the foreign particles like dried spikes, pinheads, and other particles. After sorting, the Black Peppercorns are stored in an airtight container in a dark place.                                                    
How we Sterilize Black peppercorn from our farm ?
Whenever requirement comes we sterilize in hot water for a shorter duration to remove bacteria and pathogens.  Again it is sun-dried, packed and shipped.
To maintain the aroma and the flavor we are following the manual method.
Find below few more description and benefits of shopping black peppercorn from our farm.
We own our farm for a century from our grandparents. There are 35 varieties of Black pepper grown in India and we are cultivating Karia Munda. which is smaller in sizes which has more amount of alkaloids known as piperine as well as volatile essential oils.
Vietnam peppercorn and other few varieties look bold in appearance but it doesn’t add any significance.
We will explain how to extract piperine organically from home and can give you the recipe to extract the essential oil from black peppercorn.
6 Kg of green pepper berries yields you 1 Kg black peppercorn, harvesting labor coast storage makes the Black Pepper corn expensive in the market. Farming is in various threats like climatic change, market rate crashes and various other factors. To sustain we are selling our garden black pepper in the eCommerce platform.
We have fixed the minimum rate to buy black peppercorn from our farm which includes goods and services tax and shipment. We can delivery everywhere in India. If any buyers have any concerns about the pricing feel free to communicate.
Buyer’s protections:
In case if our buyer is not happy with our black peppercorn from our farm We will buy back and will refund the full amount.

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